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About IFRA

International Futures Research Academy (IFRA) is a group of research workers of different countries, which deals with theoretical and practical problems of forecasting.

The Academy was founded in 1999 September on the initiative of Russian Academy of Forecasting and International Institute of Sociology of Trieste University in Gorizia in collaboration with few public organizations including Russian Association for Assistance to World Federation of Futures Research, Association “Forecasts and Cycles”, Society of Financial Analysts and Prognosticators”, International Fund of N.D. Kondratiev, research centers “Applied Prognostics”, “Strategy”, “Center of Panhuman Values” and other.

IFRA is a partner of World Federation of Futures Research, “World of Future” Society and “Futurible Internatuionale” Association.

Presently Russian Branch of IFRA accounts more than two hundred of full fledged members and more than ten honorary members and unites leading Russian and foreign scientists and practical specialists involved in theoretical and applied prognostic activity. The Academy has branches in Russian regions as well as a network of partner international branches (representative offices) in different countries of the world. 

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