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Global rating of integral power of 100 world’s leading countries
Edited by Prof. A.I. Ageev (Russia), Prof. G. Mensch (Germany), Prof. R. Matthews (UK)

A determination of the country’s position in the world’s “table of ranks” is a significant task of a national policy and corporate strateging. The country’s rating by this or that indicator is  taken into account in the investment decision formulae by the global market players, influences its reputation, selfidentification and idea of its present and future.

  • 25/10/2009 An optimistic view of the Russian and Kazakhstan scientists into the future
    To the roundtable in conjunction within the 64th session of the UN General Assembly “The Future of Civilizations and a Strategy for a Civilizational Partnership” (New York, the UN Headquarters, 27 October 2009).
  • 02/10/2009 The Future Between Technological Innovation And Repetition
    Institute of International Sociology, Gorizia (I.S.I.G.), International Futures Research Academy (IFRA) in collaboration with the Club of Rome, European Support Centre of Vienna, University of Trieste, Faculty of Political Science - Department of Human Sciences organised the International Conference “The Future Between Technological Innovation And Repetition” in Gorizia on 18 September 2009.
  • 01/10/2008 Aurelio Peccei's legacy on the centenary of his birth
    Institute of International Sociology Gorizia, International Futures Research Academy, the Journal of Future Studies “Futurtibili” in collaboration with Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei Foundation, Chapters of Slovenia and Croatia, European Support Centre of Vienna with the patronage of University of Trieste organised the International Conference “Awakening of a global consciousness. Aurelio Peccei's legacy on the centenary of his birth” (Gorizia, 15 September 2008).

Publications and Reports
  • A.King "Let the cat turn round".
    Remarks to the Russian Edition.
    Opening Remarks - Professor S.P. Kapytsa. Member of the Club of Rome.
    Concluding Remarks - Professor Alexander Ageev.
  • Aurelio Peccei and the Club of Rome's global environment
    Igor Bestuzhev Lada's report at the Aurelio Peccei's conference in Gorizia, September 2008.
  • Russia-2007: Looking from 2017
    Report of A.I. Ageev, President of the Russian Futures Studies Academy, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor, Academician of the RANS, February 13, 2007, the Alexander House Center for Social-Conservative Policy ‘Opportunities and Risks in Future of Russia’.
About IFRA
International Futures Research Academy (IFRA) is a group of research workers of different countries, which deals with theoretical and practical problems of forecasting.
Will it be created artificial intelligence (AI) which exceeds human and is capable to self-improvement?

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